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``Lovely yarn and wonderful customer service! I would order from them again in a heartbeat.``
``Really interesting and unique colours and quality yarn. The service is excellent.``
``I really love the vibrant colours used in the gradients – it’s always a pleasure to knit and see how a garment evolves as I work my way through a skein.``

About Me

Cordula Heckert .
Indie Dyer & Yarn Lover
Hello there!
Thanks for stopping by to find more out aboutmy store ! I am  Cordula, a German and residing since 2000 in sunny Australia with my de-facto partner and my 2 Aussie born kids!
How I Started dyeing !
I discovered  indie dyed yarn 2007,  when I started knitting for my then 18 months old son a woolen soaker . I decided to give  dyeing a go myself . Reluctant at first,  but not unfamiliar with handling chemicals,  as I am a trained medical lab technician, I was hooked from the first dye up!I started dyeing and knitting garments for online friends.2008 I suffered a really traumatic molar pregnancy, and to help me with my emotional healing and to keep me busy,  I opened a store on YarnCollective . It went really well and I dyed first variegated and semi solids colourways.

In 2010 I decided to give gradient dyeing a go. The first dye ups were really very long and I took 3-4 hours in front of the stove , but I never gave up!

Over the last years I have developed my own technique, which shortens the dye up time immensely and produces very subtle gradual gradients! Dyeing gradients is my passion! I love, how I can manipulate the colours and I love knitting them myself!

Be aware that gradient knitting is very addictive!

You always want to knit to the next colour change!But hey there is a catch !
I challenge myself to create very, very subtle colour change, so you don”t notice it until you are already into the next colour. I tell you,  you never want to put your WIP down ! 😉

I do have a recipe book for my colourways and I can reproduce them, but the way I dye them, they will look similar to the colourways, but always be unique. When I start dyeing a gradient, it feels like a little journey and am always excited when I dye them, even if it is a colourway, I have done many times ! I feel like a mad scientist and I assume my former working years in a lab have contributed to that! 🙂

But these I  don’t just focus on gradient dyeing as there are so many dyeing technique to try out and work with!

I love speckle dyeing , painting on sock blanks and also variegted rainbow colourways!

I hope you will like my journey through the world of colours and might even try one day them out yourself!

Happy creating always!

Cordu xx


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