Lovely yarn and wonderful customer service! I would order from them again in a heartbeat.
I really love the vibrant colours used in the gradients – it’s always a pleasure to knit and see how a garment evolves as I work my way through a skein.
Fantastic yarns and beautiful colours.
really interesting and unique colours and quality yarn. The service is excellent

From the Dye Pot

Socks from a Blank

I have decided also to include my knitting projects into myΒ blog so here we go with project # 1 for the blog . I was always scared of knitting 2 socks at a time with [...]

News, news and more news !

Hello everyone ,long time no post ! It took a while to give my website a make-over !I was just not happy anymore and I wanted certain funtionalities for it !Yes Im a bit of [...]

Hello Yarn Lovers

Welcome to my new website! Thanks so much for stopping by . I hope you will enjoy my regularly posting about colour wool and the world! In my About Me Section you have read already [...]

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